• LOCC Clubs in each of the four high schools (which provide opportunities for students to come together within District One to focus ont eh prevention of alcohol, tobacco and other drug use in the school and community);
  • A Business Covenant to be signed by local businesses that pledge to partner with LOCC in reducing underage substance use in the community. To sign on to LOCC’s Business Covenant, click Business Covenant Information Sheet. Click to view a list of current Business Covenant Supporters;
  • Outreach in local Faith Communities;
  • A Parent Advisory Committee to guide LOCC on how best to inform and educate parents on issues related to substance use and abuse, along with Parent Power Network trainings, which aim to build communication and create networks of parents to share ideas and information, set common goals, establish common rules, create parental support and take a proactive role in their children’s lives;
  • Implementation of Media Literacy (in which students are taught to think critically when analyzing the powerful and persuasive messages found in today’s media) through the Strategies for Success curriculum in each of the four high schools;
  • Enforcement of Underage Drinking Laws through compliance checks, party patrols, traffic checkpoints and merchand education; and
  • Advocacy related to issues affecting the safety and well-being of our youth