LOCC History

Chaired by Kay Coker, the Lexington One Community Coalition (LOCC) was created in November 2002 as a result of an underage drinking incident that occurred during the Fall. Underage drinking issues were brought to the surface along with the need and desire to collaborate with others throughout the community to seek solutions to ultimately reduce underage access to, and use of, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs in the Lexington County School District One community. 

LOCC Mission

Lexington One Community Coalition’s mission is to empower each young person, family and member of our community to prevent underage use of and access to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs through collaboration, education and awareness.

Ashley Cunningham, MSW
LOCC Coordinator
Office: 803.726.9318
Cell: 803.361.2439

Lexington One Community Coalition (LOCC)
PO Box 50597 , Columbia, SC 29250